6th (U21) of the World, 28th overall !!

World Championship 2013 Boao, China.


It has been 2 very intense weeks in Asia for Florian.

Arriving to the spot 1 week in advance has been very important, as the body needs to get used to the time difference and the food, which is very different from the one in Europe.

The days prior to the Championship, the Spanish team with a total of 6 members has been testing the regatta course and comparing their speed with some other riders from different countries.

On his new Tarifa Fin Company prototypes, Florian has improved his VMG (upwind angle & Speed) very much, being able to have the same (or sometimes even more) speed and angle as his teammates from Spain; something he had never achieved before.

The bay of Boao offered prefect Racing conditions, good winds, flat waters…

The only and main problem of the spot was the dirty water. Due to the typhoon, which passed 1 week before our arrival, the sea was full of plastic bags and Woods, which made the downwind sailing tricky and dangerous.

The Championship consisted of a qualifying series and a final series.

The two first days, in the Qualifyings, the 112 riders from all over the World were divided into 3 groups.

Flo’s main goal was to reach the Gold fleet, which would be defined alter the 2 qualifying days. The 38 best sailors of the World would join that fleet.

Florian had never before compared himself to all of the best sailors of the world.

Therefore, without being nervous at all, Florian gave his best on the first days, sailing as how he knows and finally made it into the Gold fleet on 24th position!!

3 days of Gold fleet Racing followed. “Never before has there been such an equal and tough fleet with so high level”, many riders were commenting on the beach.

As Racing was so extremely close, already in his first race of Gold fleet, Florian got tangeled by a Brazilian guy, provoking a crash with a third racer from Poland.

In this incident, Florian’s bored got seriously damaged which meant a really unlucky start in the Gold fleet, as he had to retire from that race and present a protest in order to get a redress.

In the second race, the board wasn’t repaired yet and Florian used a board with fins which he wasn’t used to. (and respectively is position in that race).

A total of 4 races were sailed on the first Gold fleet day, a pretty unlucky day for Florian. At least he won the protest, got his redress (which wasn’t really making good what went wrong)

Nevertheless, the protest had to be done so that the insurance of the Brazilian rider pays the damage. (Let’s see if they will).

On the next day, 4 more races were sailed and Florian could at least position himself in the top 30 of the world. (On 28th place overall)

The last day was dominated by too light winds to race which meant the end of the 2013 Formula Kite World Championship 2013.

Things didn’t go perfect but that’s part of the game.

Finishing 28th of the world (top 30) and 6th (U21) is a great result, taking into consideration that it was Florian’s first Kite World Championship.

Now the winter starts, some studying and preparing next season with more motivation than ever.

Next year will be great!

World Championship 2013



Be sure to follow Florian and his results during the Worlds in China.

18th - 24th of November


Everything getting ready, last days of training!!

Kite Tour Europe, Spain

The last stop of the European Circuit 2013 in waters of Barcelona was dominated by offshore winds, which made it very complicated for the Regatta Officer to complete the racing schedule.
After the first day, having completed only 1 race, Florian was sitting on 7th overall.

Happy with his position, the last day was no good day for him. In both races that were sailed, Trittel got tangeled with other kites which made his kite fall into the water. That meant 2 DNF on that day for him.

3 races were sailed in total, 7, DNF, DNF: Overall position: 17

Not satisfied but happy to see that he is not so far away from the top anymore, Florian is now facing his last weeks before the World Championship in China (mids. November)

KTE (Kite Tour Europe), Holland

Florian beats current European Champion Olly Bridge, finishing in 8th position

During the 4 days of the European Circuit Championship, offshore winds were protagonizing the event. As the winds were too unstable, no Freestyle action took place. Therefore the Kite Racers did as many regattas as possible.

Even if the conditions were very challenging and tricky, 6 races were sailed on saturday.




Florian Trittel is proclaimed Vice-Champion of "#2 Open de Santa Pola"

The weekend of the 14th to the 15th of september, the championship was held in waters of Santa Pola, close to Alicante.

Very light winds blowed, which didn´t impeed to complete the racing schedule at all!
6 races were sailed with Florian finishing : 2,2,2,1,2,4